CAMWEST News for April 2001

Sun Apr 1 00:00:00 EST 2001

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* Feature: Web Advocacy - CAMWEST's Experience
April brings the anniversary of CAMWEST's web site. In this issue we look at the lessons we've learnt on using the web and email to advocate for better bike facilities. Our simple advice: have something to say, and say it well.

Our site has done really well, and it has been a cheap and effective way for us to communicate our message to cyclists and decision makers, as well as encouraging people to get involved in advocacy. 


* Parramatta Parking Policy

* Petrol Price a Political Nightmare

* Councillor Wants Better Cycleways

* Roads to Recovery Money

* Windsor Rd Upgrade - Cycleway?

* Baulkham Hills Council Restarts Bike Committee

* Western Orbital EIS Submission Made

* BNSW Advocacy Workshop Held

* Federal Greenhouse Promotion

* Riding to the Easter Show

* State of the Environment Released

* CAMWEST Leadership Changes

* CAMWEST Needs You


* Parramatta Council's Parking Policy

* Federal Government's Greenhouse Policy

RTA Big Ride (Oberon to Forbes) 
31 March - Sun 8 April, 2001 

Catchment Cycleway Trial 
June, 2001 

* Parramatta Catchment Cycleway

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