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* Federal Election Issues
CAMWEST is organising questionaires to Western Sydney candidates for the up coming federal election. Once we receive responses and the election date is announced, we will post the responses here on our site. We will ask candidates about their views and commitments on cycling issues. Make sure you visit our site before the election for the results!

We believe that cycling issues should be discussed in the coming Federal election - there's a big role for Federal Government. If we can build the Western Orbital by 2007, why can't we build Sydney's bike network by 2005? Federal Government can surely help with funds (it is throwing $350M at the Orbital!). There are many reasons why the Federal Government should get more involved, like our dependence on oil and global warming and the Kyoto agreement.

The tragic events in America have been a reminder that we need to minimise Australia's dependence on foreign oil. Instability in the Middle East could cause big swings in the oil price (as it has already), which in turn could have a detrimental impact on our economy. The government needs to fund and encourage public transport and cycling. If it can fund road projects such as the Western Orbital (which will only generate more traffic and make us more dependent on oil), it can also fund the Parramatta-Chatswood Link train line. As another example, the government could require State Governments to spend just 2.5% of the Roads to Recovery funding on cycling infrastructure and initiatives. 

* CAMWEST goes to Bicycling Australia Show

* Kliens Rd Safety Issues Raised

* Riding Partner Sought

* Hawkesbury Happenings

* Baulkham Hills - Path Changed

* Parramatta-Chatswood Progress

* Bike cops can fight crime

* CAMWEST Late on December

* In the Media Lately

* CAMWEST Needs You

* Action Corner!


CAMWEST-BikeNorth Ride 
Saturday 6 October 
7am, at Tudor Gates, Parramatta Park. To Meadowbank Wharf, Eastwood, Seven Hills, Parramatta - 50km. 
CAMWEST Bay to Mountains Ride 
Sunday 28th October 
(Active Australia Day). 
Free lunch included! 
Parramatta Spring Carnival 
October 4-7 
Thousands of people are expected to pack the streets for this lively, rich and colourful celebration. This four-day event is the best of Carnivale, Parramatta Food & Wine Fair and the Breadmakers Festival rolled into one big extravaganza. 

Bicycling Australia Show 
Sunday October 21 
Rosehill Gardens 
4225 9111 Ring Bicycle NSW for a member's discount. Bicycle NSW - Stand 22. Come and see CAMWEST's stand too! 
Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride 
4 November 2001 
RTA Cycle Sydney 
Sunday 18th November 2001 
50km and 20km routes 
Ideal for the whole family - Enjoy riding Sydney's streets in safety! Join 5,000 other cyclists as we cross the bridge. 

Bicycle NSW Big Ride 
6th - 14th April 2002 
Manila to Walcha, 9 days, 580km 

* Federal Election Issues

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