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*** FEATURE: The Big Ride Reviewed
Our feature this issue looks back at the RTA's Big Ride. Rob Kemp, CAMWEST member, gives a thorough report - photos included! Some interesting stats:
- Oldest participant born in 1920
- Youngest born in 2001
- Number of Males: 852 (67.3%)
- Number of Females: 414 (32.7%)
- Average Age: 44

Full article:

Rouse Hill Ride
May 19th Sunday
Grade M Distance 20 - 50km
Contact Peter Gilbert 9639 9465 (h)
Ride from Parramatta, Blacktown, Castle Hill or Windsor
converging at Rouse Hill Regional Park for free BBQ lunch.
Please register by 12th May by phone or email Peter 
streblig at

Bay to Mountains Ride 
Saturday 19th October

*** NEWS (
* North West Transitways Need Cycleways
* Bike Cops are Tops
* Pollies go for a Bush Pedal
* Thackery Bridge Improved!
* Transport Talks
* Riding Partner Sought
* Quick News
* In the Media Lately
* CAMWEST Needs You

Write/Email to to your local state MP and the consultants Sinclair Knights Merz (transitways at Express your desire for the transitway cycleways to be of commuter level. You can copy the sample letter below, but edit it yourself ideally.

transitways at

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am concerned that the cycleways built along the proposed North Western
Sydney Transitway Network will be of a recreational level, and that 'only when possible'. A recreational cycleway is not adequate for what is supposed to be a transport corridor. They lack the continuity, easy of travel and the safety for all of the varied users that they will attract.

We think that a high quality commuter cycleway should be built along the route. Commuter cycleways are continuous, have ease of travel and designed safety for all users whether they are pedestrians, skaters, recreational cyclists, or ardent cycling enthusiasts.

The specifications for the Transitway cycleways need to be upgraded to commuter standard and included for all Transitways even if they are not in the same corridor and have to parallel the Transitway route.


<Your Name>

* General Cycling News

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