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*** Feature: The Energy Paradigm Shift
Why are we still pouring money into roads, when we are facing a high risk of world oil production peaking? Danny Hannan ponders on the energy challenges we are facing, and what we should do about it. 

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Why Cycling makes Good Sense
A talk by former UK Transport Minister and current Chair of the UK National Cycling Strategy Board Steven Norris
6pm on Thursday 16 October
Department of Infrastructure Planning & Natural Resources (Heny 
Deane Place, opposite Railway Square)
More Info: Andrew Cole, 9762 8036

Sydney to Wollongong Ride
2nd November

RTA Cycle Sydney
30th November
Call 1800 68 68 54
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*** NEWS (
* Bike Week Celebrations
* Ride to Work Day
* Parramatta Heritage Ride
* M4 Cycleway Progress
* Prospect Canal Cycleway Complete!
* Bay to Mountains Ride - 200 Riders
* Tizzana Winery Luncheon Ride a Hit
* Holroyd - Steering Committee Set Up
* Hawkesbury - Schools Connected
* Print Newsletter Released
* CAMWEST at Bike Show
* Another Cyclist is Born
* ABC, CSIRO, New Scientist Cover Oil Depletion
* Public Transport Trouble - Parry Inquiry

Email Transport Minister Michael Cost, and ask him to support cycling and public transport in view of increasing energy risks. Below is an example:

Email: minister at

Dear Minister Costa,

There has recently been some very disappointing news about public transport. Please follow the example of your Labour colleague Alannah MacTiernan, WA Planning and Infrastructure Minister, who has recently acknowledged that "oil will be in increasingly short supply in the coming 10 to 20 years" and has as a result launched a Transport Energy Strategy (links below). This strategy will seek to shift Perth away from its high car dependence towards more sustainable modes, such as rail, cycling, and walking.


CAMWEST's Action Corner is where we include one or two suggestions of something simple and concrete that you can do: write an email, letter, representation, turn up for a ride, etc. Join us in making a difference!

Feature: Duck Creek Cycleway Proposal

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