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*** Feature: Active Transport The Way To Go
The way we move has a significant health impact. Currently it's mostly negative, but it could play a positive role. Active transport, walking and cycling, is the way to go: it will keep people active sustainably, because it becomes part of everyday life. The environments in which we live mostly hinder active transport, but this could change if the health sector played a leading role and worked together with other agencies as well as local government. NSW Health needs to get much more involved in fostering active transport.

This article outlines a study on transport as a determinant of health, with a focus for the potential role for the health sector, authored by Robert Catford, CAMWEST Secretary. 

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Tizzana Luncheon Ride
Date: Sunday August 31
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Bike Week
21st September

Bay to Mountains Ride
Sunday 21st September
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Sydney to Wollongong Ride
2nd November

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* Bridges Galore
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* Oil Depletion Covered in Conferences
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* Postcard from the Future - Rickshaws Everywhere
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* CAMWEST Needs You

Make a submission to the Ministerial Inquiry into Public Passenger Transport (email inquiry at More Info ( You could raise concerns over Australia's oil production situation, and aks for much better integration between cycling and public transport. 

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