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*** Feature: Beyond Peak Oil

In a future where the last remaining barrels of oil go to the highest bidder on the world market and replacement fuels such as renewable Hydrogen generated from wind farms and coastal wave power absorbers cost the equivalent of $20 per litre, the cost of motoring will probably be beyond the financial reach of most of the public. 

Mark Robson's vision of the future sees fuel costing 20 to 50 times current petrol prices, meaning that the general public will have to learn to survive without daily use of a motor car. Life will revolve more around local communities, we will live closer to work and millions will ride motor cycles and bicycles in the daily travel. Most of us will have no other choice. Buses will stop earlier, governments will attempt to keep electric trains will running normally. 

The big problem for alternative energies is the energy profit ratio. With giant oil fields, for every barrel of oil we consume in exploration and drilling we get around 20 back. For wind farms, it's about 5, and solar panels and nuclear are about 2 to 1. So much of the effort and therefore cost is spent providing energy to build the infrastructure to provide the energy, and the whole thing becomes very, very expensive. Corporations expect at least some return on their investment, so the price of renewable fuel will be beyond the reach of most wage earners. The entire Western economy is built on this 'cheap oil', and ballooning transport energy costs for food and building materials will cause uncontrollable inflation and economic chaos. Mark suggests that when the change arrives you buy a Hydrogen powered motor cycle and a good pushbike. 

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Saturday 10/7/04 - Castle Hill markets (30km, Med)
Ride quiet streets and cycleways to Castle Hill to explore the markets. More downhills on the return!

Saturday 7/8/04 - Parra-Homebush Bay Loop (30km, Easy)
Ride the new M4 viaduct cycleway to Homebush Bay then return along Parramatta Valley Cycleway. Cafe stop at Olympic Park. 

Bicycle NSW Advocacy Workshop - Saturday 7th August, 9am -12.30pm, at Parramatta Heritage Centre. Includes Design for Dummies, covering how to design eye catching cycling promotion information. 

Tizzana Ride 22/8/04 - Three ride distances available, from Medium to Hard: 30, 50 or 70 km before lunch. All share the 20 km from linch back to Windor. The two longer rides are very scenic, but present some challenging hills and fast descents. Skinny tyres OK. Lunch is a very social three course meal in the Winery. Organise a group and book. An easy 20 km ride back to Windsor completes the day. This is a very popular ride and it fills up quickly so book and pay early.

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*** NEWS (
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* Parramatta Heritage Ride Report
* Advocacy Workshop
* Hawkesbury Happenings - Funding Cut!
* Chipping Norton Ride Report
* Blacktown to M2 Link Feedback
* Holroyd Happenings

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