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Wed Sep 1 00:00:00 EST 2004

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Sunday 12/9/04 - Prospect loop
Easy 25 Km
Ride the Prospect canal cycleway to Prospect Reservoir then return along the Prospect Creek cycleway and rail trail to Guildford

Saturday 16/10/04 - Parramatta Heritage Ride
Easy 20km
A gentle ride around the historical sites of Parramatta on quiet streets with commentary. 

Sunday 28/11/04 - RTA Cycle Sydney
Sydney's big one! Here's your chance to ride along a whole lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, from North Sydney to Parramatta Park. 

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*** NEWS (
* Tizzana Ride Report
* Castle Hills Markets Ride - Wet but Fun
* CAMWEST leads Advocacy Workshop
* New Shared Paths
* Cycle Connect - More Bike Lockers
* Cycleways to Recovery?

With the Federal elections upon us, now is a great time to write to your MP and ask him/her to provide federal funds to improve cycle infrastructure. Cycling could make a positve impact on a number of issues of national signifcance, including health (childhood obesity just to mention one), pollution, greenhouse emissions, not to mention reducing our dependence on expensive imported oil.

Feature: Beyond Peak Oil

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