[CAMWEST-announce] Two additional upcoming rides

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Sat Oct 14 20:07:59 EST 2006

Just a brief email to let you know of two additional CAMWEST rides that 
have have been planned :

**Mitchell Park Ride on Saturday, October 21st**

Two start points and distances:
  Shorter ride : Distance approx 31 km.  Starts at Vieyard Railway Station at 9.00am. See http://www.pushon.com.au/rides/Ride_details_ordinary.asp?RideID=503 for more details.
  Longer ride : Distance approx 67 km.  Starts at Rooty Hill Railway Station at 7.30am.  See http://www.pushon.com.au/rides/Ride_details_ordinary.asp?RideID=504 for more details.

Description: Slow-Medium paced ride on mostly quiet sealed semi-rural roads. Several short sections of good quality unsealed roads. Medium difficulty (Some hills).  BYO nibblies - No coffee shops.  Water & Toilet at Mitchell Park.

**Cattai National Park 2 Day tour on the weekend of November 25/26th.**

2 Day 'introductory' self supported tour.

Distances:  Day 1 - Approx 46 km,  Day 2 - Approx 38 km.
Camping fee of $5 per person applies at Cattai NP.

Note: If you'd like to come but don't want to carry your gear, please arrange your own support. Other non-riding friends & family welcome to camp overnight as well. Note there are additional charges for cars entering the National Park.

For further details see http://www.pushon.com.au/rides/Ride_details_multi.asp?RideID=516

For any questions about these rides, please call Rob Kemp on 9864 8797, or email robkemp at tpg.com.au


We'd love to hear of any suggestions you may have that would help us plan upcoming rides.  We'd like to do the sorts of rides that you're interested in attending!! 
The sorts of things you might like to comment on include: Ride distance, Destinations, Day of the week, Start time, Pace,  Hills/Flat,  Mostly on Shared path or some road OK, Multi day rides (And if so, whether you carry your own gear, or carry minimal gear and stay at pubs/caravan parks etc).

Happy cycling,

www.robkemp.id.au   - Trying to live more sustainably

Ph (h) 9864 8797  (w) 9296 1561 

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