[CAMWEST-announce] Rooty Hill - Kurrajong Ride this Saturday

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 24 14:08:45 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

Just a few details and options for anyone thinking about coming on the ride
this Saturday.

The full route can be found at
http://bikeroutetoaster.com/Course.aspx?course=300724, and is a little over
90 km in length.  (The Cue Sheet on the website was automatically generated,
and hasn't been manually edited at this stage, so should not be used
independently of other maps).

The ride starts at 8am at Rooty Hill, at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp on
the north side of Rooty Hill station.  We should also be passing on the Nth
side of Mt Druitt station around 8:15.

For those wanting a shorter ride and/or a later start, we should be passing
the corner of Drift Rd & Inalls Rd, Richmond, at around 10.15am.  This point
is 32km into the planned route, and about 2km from Richmond Railway Station.
After the climb to Kurrajong, we will be coming back through Richmond (58km
mark), Windsor (67km mark) and Riverstone (78km mark).

Food/Coffee stops are planned at Kurrajong Village at around the 44km mark,
and Windsor, at around the 67 km mark.  Water refilling points are limited on
sections of the ride, so please bring at least a couple of filled water bottles.

The ride should be on fully sealed roads and a few sections of shared path. 
There will be a moderate amount of traffic on some sections of road, although
the majority of the route is fairly quiet.  It's a little bit of a climb up
to Kurrajong, and there's one section of uphill amidst the downhill on the
return leg to Richmond.  The rest of the ride is reasonably flat (I know that
comment will come back and bite me!)

The ride will be at a slow/moderate pace (Around 15kmph excluding steep
hills), and I'm quite happy to wait while people walk up the steeper pinches
- I may even join you!

I haven't done this distance with hills for a while, so I may have to end the
'official' ride at Windsor or Riverstone and jump on the train....We'll see
what happens on the day!

Please call or drop me a txt if you intend to join us, and let me know where
you'll be starting from.

Ph 0415 902 708.
email: robkemp at tpg.com.au


Rob Kemp                        'Trying to live more sustainably'. 
Web: http://www.robkemp.id.au 
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