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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                               here is a ride that may appael to some of you

John Holstein 
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Subject: Cycle Indonesia (Toraja Land) - Cyclist␣Action␣Movement␣West␣

Hi John,

Thank you for your help in the past. If you agree to the following ‘blurb’ would you be able to circularize your members with the blurb below?

Thanks for your help.
Colin Freestone

Starting in January 2009 I’ve led trips in many parts of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
Current trips on offer are at http://www.cycleindonesia.com.au/.
Our next trip, in November 2011, is to the Toraja highlands: http://www.cycleindonesia.com.au/toraja_sulawesi.htm.

This 301 km trip begins in Makassar on Friday 18 November and finishes in Makassar on Saturday 27 November 2011. We’ll go by vehicle to ‘n’ from Toraja, cycle 6 days in the cultural heartland of Toraja, village trek and wild water rafting. Bahasa Indonesia instruction will be integrated into the day’s activities and optional yoga classes will be held each afternoon.

Colin Freestone 
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