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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                here is an opportunity to register for the Parramatta Commuter Challenge. You don't have to work in Parramatta, just commute to work somewhere. if you are part of an organisation already registered, or would like to register your organisation, please feel free to do so. However, if you are like me, retired or self employed, a sole employee or a casual who works at several locations, please feel free to register as part of CAMWEST. If we are fortunate to win any prizeds as an organistaion, I will ensure they are delivered to the Children's Hospital Westmead as a donation from us.

Just click on this link to register as part of  CAMWEST Bicycle User Group Inc

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i Fellow CAMWESTies,
he Challenge is on. Which organisation will get the most people to
eave their cars at home?
We reckon we can thrash you in the Parramatta Commuter Challenge - a
friendly' workplace competition to get more people cycling, walking
r catching the bus, train or ferry.
The goal is for organisations to get the highest number of staff to
eave their car at home and use sustainable transport to commute to
ork from Monday 14 November to Sunday 4 December 2011. 
There are lots of great prizes to be won just by taking part - new
ikes, transport passes and workplace treats!
It's going to be lots of fun and it's free to take part!
Are you up for the Challenge? For more information and to register
our work go to www.parramattacommuterchallenge.com. 
If you think you can win... bring it on!
John Holstein

ent from the Parramatta Commuter Challenge

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