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Fri Jul 5 11:50:23 UTC 2013

Fellow CAMWESTies,

                                I had the pleasure of accompanying one of 
our founding fathers of CAMWEST, Ian McIndoe,  on a tour of the Parramatta 
Valley Cycle Way yesterday (4th July 2013). Those of you who know Ian will 
recall he usually rides an electric assist bike, but after some electrical 
difficulties, he has traded it for a very nice Giant Defy road bike & as a 
result is 'back on his bike' in a big way. We covered close to 50Km yesterday, a 
sterling effort. Well done Ian.
    But, this is not the real news. Ian is rather well versed in cycling 
advocacy & is also well connected and as a result we enjoyed the company of some 
others for the ride. Matt Faber,(Manager Bus Light Rail Active Transport 
Strategy                     at       Transport for NSW) joined us as did Tony 
Arnold (BNSW) & Robert Mueck & Myfanwy Lawrence from Parramatta City Council. We 
cycled the Parramatta Valley , travelling out along the very unattractive but 
practical M4 Cycle path before heading into Homebush Bay for coffee. We then 
continued through the Park & visited BNSW new premises before heading through 
Rhodes & Meadowbank and joining the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and returning to 
    Ian had not seen many of the improvements made to this route in the past few 
years so we visited the Ermington Bay raised pathway before continuing on to the 
almost complete new section at the end of Park Road Rydalmere which will pass 
under the Sydney Water Pipeline thus eliminating the trip up to Antoine St 
before returning down Park Rd to rejoin the current path towards Pike Street. We 
had the pleasure of being the first cyclists on the path even though it wasn't 
officially open. This is a very welcome short addition to this wonderful path.
    We then viewed the proposals for the next two projects - the section from 
James Ruse Drive to Morton Street past the Baludarri Wetlands into Rangihou 
Reserve where it will join a much under utilised path to MacArthur St. This 
section should be completed in this financial year ( 2013/14) and will eliminate 
Thomas St from the current route. The following financial year (2014/15) should 
see a further link completed under the Gasworks Bridge to Parramatta Ferry 
    The plans have been drawn to complete the last leg of this wonderful link 
between Parramatta & Homebush Bay, but funding is yet to be forthcoming. This 
section is between the existing path that comes to a dead end at the rear of the 
factories along the river at Rydalmere to the exiting path where it joins the 
intersection of Clyde and South Street. It must also be noted, the construction 
of the long awaited portals in the Lennox Bridge at Parramatta will start in the 
near future. Some correspondence with your local members for Parramatta - Dr 
Geoff Lee (State Liberal) and Julie Owens (Federal Labor) may bring a favourable 
response for this project.
    All of the participants in the ride were suitably impressed with the 
achievements of the Transport Planning Team at Parramatta City Council. 
Congratulations to them for their determination and hard work acquiring the 
monies to complete these projects. There are some wonderful examples of 
engineering work within these projects and the quality of the completed work is 
excellent. There are also strategies being planned for some of the drainage 
issues along the path especially in the Rydalmere Wharf area.
    If you have a chance & have not visited the Parramatta valley Cycle Way for 
a while, get out & ride it in the near future, this weekend even.

John Holstein
Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West.

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey
American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )
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