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Paul Bowyer pbowyer at au1.ibm.com
Mon Sep 23 12:42:08 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that the restored Female Orphan School (one of the
stops on the Heritage Ride) is reopening tomorrow and is open to the public
from 5.30 to 8.30pm. See the below press release.
Please register and come along as per below if you can.

Paul Bowyer
Project Manager
Mobile: 0438 856 880
Email: pbowyer at au1.ibm.com

The University of Western Sydney and the Whitlam Institute are delighted to
announce  the  public opening of the historic Female Orphan School building
after  an  extensive restoration project. This week marks two hundred years
since Governor Lachlan Macquarie laid the building’s foundation stone. This
unique  heritage building functioned as the Female Orphan School from 1813,
the  Protestant Orphan School from 1850, and as a psychiatric hospital from
1888. After many years of dilapidation and neglect since its abandonment in
1969, the University of Western Sydney later took over the building and saw
to its progressive restoration and adaptive reuse.

The University of Western Sydney will celebrate the reopening of the Female
Orphan School at a public event tomorrow, Tuesday September 24, from 5:30pm
–  8:30pm,  and  we would love for you to join us. If you’d like to come it
would    be    helpful    if   you   could   register   your   details   at
uws.edu.au/fosopening, as we will be providing some simple fare.

The  building’s  heritage  features  have  been  conserved  and the Visitor
Information  Centre  in  the  building  contains  a heritage interpretation
display  which explores the building's fascinating story from 1813 right up
to  the present. A small selection of artefacts uncovered during the Female
Orphan's School's restoration will soon also be on display.

Now  home  to  the  Whitlam  Institute  and  the  Whitlam Prime Ministerial
Collection,  and  several  exhibition  spaces, the University envisions the
Female  Orphan  School  as  a truly public space for the whole community to
enjoy.  Visitors  are  warmly  invited  to  explore  the now fully restored
building,  and enjoy the three exhibitions currently being presented by the
Whitlam  Institute  -  A  Changing  Australia:  The  Time of Gough Whitlam,
Uplifted  Horizons:  The  artists  of the Whitlam era and Larger than Life:
Gough Whitlam in Cartoons.

If you can’t make it on the night, from September 26 the Female Orphan
School will be open for the public to explore and enjoy from 10am – 4pm on
Thursdays, Fridays and the occasional Saturday.

I  encourage you to visit www.uws.edu.au/fos for more information about the
history  of  this  magnificent  building,  and  for  more  detailed visitor

Kind regards,

Amy Sambrooke I Communications Coordinator I Whitlam Institute within the
University of Western Sydney Locked Bag 1797 Penrith NSW 2751
P. 02 9685 9072 I F. 02 9685 9110 I M. 0421 784 253 I E.
a.sambrooke at uws.edu.au I www.whitlam.org

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