[CAMWEST-announce] CAMWEST Exec Meeting - 19/1/2019

Michael Goard mpgoard at ihug.com.au
Fri Jan 18 12:58:06 UTC 2019

Fellow CAMWEST members,

CAMWEST Executive are holding an Exec Meeting on 19th Jan 2018 at 2:00 pm at

    44 Falmouth Rd
    Quakers Hill 2763

    about 200m south of Breakfast Creek cycleway crossing Falmouth Rd.

    Plenty of off-street bicycle parking around back.

Ordinary members are welcome to attend, please advise if attending.

Amongst the agenda items, is the Bicycle Valet Parking at Parramatta 
Park on Australia Day.  Volunteers are needed throughout the day till 
aprox 9 pm

If you are available to assist for a couple of hours, please let me, 
Peter Gilbert, or Paul Bowyer know of your availability.

(Attempted to send this though with Agenda and minutes for last Exec 
meeting but did not seem to accept with attachments.)

Michael Goard
mpgoard at ihug.com.au<mpgoard at ihug.com.au>
Phone: +61 415 191 405

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