[CAMWEST-announce] June 2021 Update - and some 'on the ground' eyes and ears assistance sought.

Mark Robson (Austral Wright) Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Sun Jun 20 03:53:34 UTC 2021

Hi rob, does anyone know why the reservoir path is closed??
People at my work are asking

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On 20 Jun 2021, at 12:58 pm, Rob Kemp <robkemp at tpg.com.au> wrote:

Hi everyone,

  *   Firstly, THIS MAILING LIST IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  Please enrol yourself in the newer camwest-announce list via http://camwest.org.au/mailman/listinfo/camwest-announce_camwest.org.au.  This old list was setup by a member of CAMWEST who is not currently active with the group.  It is being run on a private server which current CAMWEST committee members don't have access to.  The admin passwords have reportedly been misplaced.  Basically, we don't have any idea who or how many people are currently subscribed to this list.  The server could go off-line at any time.  CAMWEST have now put procedures in place with the new website and mailing lists to move away from this 'single point of failure' situation.

The following email was sent to the new camwest-announce list:

Things have been bubbling along in CAMWEST land lately:

  *   After a couple of my reconnaissance rides for new RWGPS routes over the last few weeks came unstuck due to temporary road and path closures, I decided it was time to attempt a CAMWEST repository to capture them - and re-openings when they occur.  I've also added initial openings (ie Escarpment Boardwalk) to the list. See https://camwest.org.au/news.html.

  *   Some 'on the ground' assistance would be most welcome to identify any other closures (extending more than a day or two) and subsequent re-openings when they occur.  Please drop me an email if you come across something.  If it's a new closure, I'll hand out bonus points if you can send a relevant photo as well!

  *   I've just added the Fairfield to Wetherill Park Loop to the list of Self-guided RWGPS routes.  Hopefully when the closed section of the Prospect Reservoir path re-opens, I'll be ready to add the Fairfield to Abbotsbury loop as well.  For those who aren't already CAMWEST members, please let me know if you'd like free access to trial and provide feedback on one or more of the 9 self-guided routes that have been documented so far.  For a list of routes, see https://ridewithgps.com/collections/16630?privacy_code=1JFmU7GB7wAxaXJi, or for more details on using the Self-guided routes, see https://camwest.org.au/rides.html.

  *   Individual CAMWEST membership costs $10 per year, and is due on the 1st of July.  At present membership is a manual process, although by next year we hope to have online application and payments available.  See https://camwest.org.au/about.html#membership.  We also encourage all riders to join up with BicycleNSW - See https://bicyclensw.org.au/bnsw-membership/

  *   Five CAMWEST members are involved with the Parramatta chapter of Cycling Without Age.  We celebrated the launch of Parramatta's first trishaw in May.  (Previous to that training sessions were held with a borrowed trishaw.) See https://www.facebook.com/cyclingwithoutageparramattachapter/ or for more background info, see https://cyclingwithoutage.org.au/.  Please contact us if you'd like to become involved.

  *   We've added an archived version of our old website (which was active between around 2000 and 2013) to the new site.  There are a number of historical articles there which people who've been around the cycliing scene for a few years may enjoy reading.  Note that I'm trying to remove most of the contact details present on the old site.  There are a number of broken external links, but I think all the internal ones are functioning.  The site was never designed to be viewed on mobile devices, but seems to work reasonably well on desktops, notebooks and larger tablets.  See https://camwest.org.au/archived/.

  *   A few committee members have been reviewing our constitution (yawn).  We hope that updated documentation will serve us well in an increasingly online world.

  *   CAMWEST Website: https://camwest.org.au/.  Do you have other ideas on what you'd like to see on the website?  Would you like to contribute to the site in some way (eg Graphical design/content)?  If so, please get in touch.


Rob - CAMWEST Vice President.

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