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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Dec 7 05:54:25 UTC 2004

Dear Folks,

Martin Olmos has made the suggestion that we post an introduction to
ourselves and what we are interested in.  I'd like to kick that off.

I live in Mona Street, Granville, where cycling is somewhat hazardous,
and I recently discovered CAMWEST, which to me looks like a good way
to put in my voice on how the infrastructure of my local area can be

I ride with my five-year old son to pre-school in Merrylands and back
every day, and often ride with my wife and son on our tandem.  We all
rode to Liverpool and back last Sunday; my son riding his little 20"
wheel bike himself!

I ride for pleasure and transport; I aim to keep our car in the garage
as much as possible.

I am interested in finding safe ways to ride to the city, since I ride
to UTS and back for the Sydney Linux User's Group meeting that is held
there on the last Friday of every month.

I have been for some long rides in the past, including from Sydney to
Kabul in Afghanistan via Darwin, and from Port Augusta to Mt Isa via
the Birdsville Track.  Both these trips were a while ago, so things
have changed a little since then.

I am interested in systems administration, networking and network
management, programming, and the culture of free (as in freedom)
software.  I like solving problems by writing Perl programs.  I have
lived in Hong Kong for many years, where I was a lecturer teaching
about systems administration, embedded systems and programming.

I hope to work with you to do my little bit to improve cycling in our
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Hong Kong IVE (Tsing Yi), Home of Visual Paradigm: Jolt Productivity
Award winner, programmed by ICT's own graduates!
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