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Dear Robert,

Thanks for filling me in on so many separate things!  Perhaps it might
be a good idea to CC it to the CAMWEST-discuss list too.  With a
threaded record of all the discussion topics, emails could be shorter
and more focused, each on a particular topic.

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 09:45:40PM +1100, Robert Catford wrote:

> Great news Mark. Down near Rex Rd. This should mean a safer access
> to Mirambeena Reserve than via the lights at Haig St where I would
> currently access the park. Do you know if Bike South West are still
> active in bankstown ?
> We used to sit on the Bankstown bike plan c'tee and helped design
> that route.  Would be keen to hear what other plans they have.
>     From: Mark Robson
>     To: Robert Catford
>     Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 2:31 PM
>     Subject: RE: Bankstwon - Parramatta regional route Henry Lawson Drive
>     Hi Rob,
>     Got a reply from RTA,
>     They and Bankstwon Council are jointly proposing a grade seperation, i.e.
>     overpass, at Amaroo Reserve,
>     to cross Henry Lawson Drive.  So the uninterupted cycleway will continue
>     from Faifield to the Veledrome at Bankstown.
>     Completion date is some time in 2005.
>     Soon attention will turn North from there.
>     Mark R
>         From: Robert Catford [mailto:droftac at ozemail.com.au]
>         Sent: Wednesday, 14 July 2004 10:56 PM
>         To: Mark Robson
>         Cc: Paul Bowyer
>         Subject: Re: Bankstwon - Parramatta regional route, Duck River Cycleway
>         Some good points Mark. We'll try and get the Duck river cycleway on the
>         agenda at Parra Council c'tee but the chairperson despite being from
>         Granville saw little value in the Duck river cycleway as she felt it
>         was remote to where people lived

I am so looking forward to this cycleway being completed--it joins our
house to Sydney Olympic Park and Silverwater.

How do you suggest I get involved in supporting work being done on it?
What methods of persuasion have proven to be effective, and what would
help persuade this particular chairperson?

[Please trim all the other unrelated discussion in your reply to this,

>             From: Mark Robson
>             To: Robert Catford
>             Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 5:20 PM
>             Subject: Bankstwon - Parramatta regional route, Duck River Cycleway
>             Rob,
>             Lost the reply you sent about being part of the planning
>             for this ON-road route.

If you send it to the list, it will be preserved there in the archive
for you!  Don't forget to subscribe; it will take only five minutes
(or less).

>             It's obviosuly been some years since it was done, and
>             now the Duck River cycleway is growing it should be
>             included in this route. Trouble is the little bridge
>             needed at Norford Park is so far out in the corner of
>             Parramatta LGA that it will never get Parra Council's
>             attention. Norford Park has a little causeway in just
>             the right spot so the route can be followed by
>             adventurous souls.

Okay, I'll go and have a look.

>             At the north end, joining Clyde mail centre to the M4
>             pathway might be easier to attract Parra Council's
>             attention.

Is there any proposal on the table for this?  Personally I
particularly would love to see the route shown on Council's map that
is proposed to run from Mona Street to Parramatta River at Silverwater
Bridge completed.

>             Duck River follows the Auburn/Parra boundary. Auburn
>             have completed the entire route on their side.

Really?  I cannot see it--I must be looking in the wrong places.  Are
you including the section from Mona Street to Parramatta River at
Silverwater Bridge?

>             If Parra were to fill their 2 gaps it would then lay at
>             Bankstown's feet to penetrate the cycleway into their
>             LGA and link up with the Veledrome.
>             There are plenty of on road cycle friendly ways to get
>             from Bankstown Veledrome to Norford Park, one day I hope
>             it will be cycleway all the way from the Veledrome to
>             Silverwater Bridge!
>             I had a bit of a look at this last week, any time you
>             are looking for some exercise give me a yell and we can
>             take a look around this.
>             Fairfield to Mirembeena reserve is now complete, but
>             Henry Lawson Drive creates quite a decent obstacle to
>             continuuation to connect at the Veledrome.
>             I think this issue alone shows that Camwest's work is
>             far from over. There are still an awful lot of missing
>             bits to Western Sydney's cycleway network, especially
>             further West and North of Parramatta.
>             Mark R
>                 From: Robert Catford [mailto:droftac at ozemail.com.au]
>                 Sent: Tuesday, 22 June 2004 10:38 PM
>                 To: Martin Holmes; dformosa at dformosa.zeta.org.au; Danny Hannan;
>                 Doug Bathersby; Graham Heap; John Gumieniuk; Leanne Rylands;
>                 Mark Robson; Marty Olmos; Michael Elgood; Paul Bowyer; Peter
>                 Gilbert; Rob Kemp; Sharon Symmons
>                 Subject: June monthly ride report
>                 8 souls ventured out on a cold and windy morning to
>                 tackle Parra-L'pool rail trail then Chipping Norton
>                 lakes circuit.  Numbers were disappointing but
>                 possibly low due to time of year and weather. A
>                 couple had heard about it through the website--noone
>                 it seemed through Push On. Our rides are now being
>                 promoted in a newsletter put out by Parra council
>                 recreation team but yet to see a referral through
>                 that.
>                 We all need to keep thinking laterally how to get
>                 our target people along to rides ie people who dont
>                 get out much or beginners.
>                 The ride was very enjoyable though a tad long for
>                 our market (50km if not returning by train). Our
>                 group decided to return via Newbridge Rd (felt safe
>                 in numbers) across Georges River to ride up Henry
>                 Lawson drive to Mirembeena reserve.
>                 It was good to see the rest of this route back to
>                 the rail trail through Carramar completed. We also
>                 noted an off-road cycleway being built along
>                 stretches of Henry Lawson drive before Mirembeena
>                 Reserve. There are now lights to allow crossing of
>                 the Hume hwy (sorry I know this is old news for
>                 some) and a very impressive bridge crossing over
>                 Prospect creek purpose built.
>                 I think CAMWEST should be lobbying RTA and Bankstown
>                 council to get the missing links completed then you
>                 have a great loop ride from Canley
>                 Vale-Liverpool-Chipping Norton- Carramar and back.
>                 This is without a doubt some of the nicest riding in
>                 the west.
>                 Does anyone know of RTA plans for connecting
>                 Chipping Norton side of river to Mirembeena reserve?
>                 Its an obvious missing link and would significant
>                 increase use of these cycleways if they actually
>                 made a circuit and went somewhere.
>                 Can I encourage members to produce a brief ride
>                 report after each monthly ride to keep members
>                 informed especially if we aren't meeting often.
>                 Thanks to Rob Kemp and Marty for attending and
>                 helping out
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