[CAMWEST-discuss] Re: Bill Brewer Obituary for website

Martin Olmos olmos at tpg.com.au
Sun Dec 19 21:56:35 UTC 2004

G'day all, 

Could we get any disabilities group that Bill was involved in to support our
bid for a memorial ( a cycleway is a great idea!)? The more groups, the
better the chances, and the more councils will see his contribution.

Re mailing list, this email is an excellent example of the advantages of the
list that Nick has set up for us. The email wasn't sent to all current
CAMWEST members, including Nick himself. This happens because we all have
our own lists in our mail programs of camwest people, which is totally
understandable. But the advantage of Nick's list is that it will send the
email to everyone currently in the list. Individuals can join and leave as
they please through the website:

All you do (once you've joined) is send your email to
camwest-discuss at nicku.org, and Nick's computer will automatically send the
email to all members.

If it would help, Nick could subscribe all current CAMWEST members himself,
without any need from you guys to do anything. We didn't want to do this
because we didn't want to join people to lists without their permission.

Would anyone have any problems with Nick subscribing everyone?

Cheers from wonderful Wollongong!


> Eloquent Ian!
> As to the memorial, A cycleway named after Bill would
> be more appropriate and a plarque with a little more
> information about Bill, that dispite his disabilities
> he made vaulable contributions to the community.
> I am happy to write something along those line for
> people to edit.
> Baulkham Hills has the Mario Vagas cycleway.
> Dan
> --- Ian Macindoe <macian at ipentire.com> wrote:
>> Attached is Word file containing obit for Bill
>> Brewer. Whoever is going to post it to website may
>> want to check with Danny and others as to its length
>> and or suitability. Am also attaching the letter
>> sent to Clr Maureen Walsh who chairs the Parramatta
>> Cycleway Committee. The letter proposes a memorial
>> to Bill. Again, let me and Rob Catford know your
>> thoughts, as the proposals put forward (by me and
>> you and others) will be discussed at a meeting on 11
>> January 2005. 
>> Have a good Xmas and New Year.
>> Ian
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>> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword name=Letter to
> Maureen Walsh re Bill Brewer memorial.doc
>> ATTACHMENT part 3 application/msword name=Bill
> Brewer obit.doc
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