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Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jul 2 21:50:52 UTC 2005

Dear Marty
I recall our first meeting when you were contemplating getting involved with 
Who could have then predicted your invaluable contribution? I want to 
personally thank you.
The website is more than just a 'feather in your cap', it's more like one of 
those American Indian headdresses with many feathers.
And it has, in a sense, 'saved' CAMWEST as an organisation as we've shifted 
to a more cyber-focussed group.

I see Paul Bowyer has a Parramatta Heritage Ride scheduled for Sunday 25 
September. I hope to be on that one.
Will prep myself from the web first. Fantastic!

Don't lose touch completely, Marty. All best to you and Pat and growing 


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> Dear all,
> I've now sent details of the CAMWEST website to Nick, so it's now handed
> over.
> Please help him in the development of *content* on the site. The site
> has done well not because of any pretty colours, but because of the
> stories and news that we've all contributed to. Last week we had nearly
> 3,000 'page views' on the site (you can see the full details at
> http://throo.to/reports/camwest/20050627.htm). The site is the top
> Google result for 'Peak Oil' within Australia, and often comes in the
> first page for things like 'Child Obesity' and other phrases. To keep
> this going, everyone needs to keep updating Nick on what you're doing in
> your projects. Like I've said before, I think the site can be a good
> 'glue' between the smaller LGA-based groups that form CAMWEST. It can be
> a single 'interface' to the groups for outsiders, something that can
> provide an image of a group that should be dealt with by council, etc.
> The Heritage Parramatta Ride site is also complete, and it's already
> coming up at the top of Google searches for 'heritage ride' and
> 'parramatta ride', etc. I'll keep looking after this site, and look
> forward to hearing how it goes when you next do a ride.
> These two things conclude my formal 'involvement' with CAMWEST. I've had
> a great ride with you guys - thank you! God's been good to me with all
> the happy times I've had and the changes that together we've been able
> to push for. I'm sure we'll catch here and there on our bikes. A huge
> thank you to those of you who were kind with your time and sent me
> articles, typos, ideas, and help. My CAMWEST jersey is still very
> 'bright' from lack of use, but I'm getting to ride more down here in
> Wollongong.
> I wish all you the best, and certainly hope that CAMWEST keeps making
> good changes in W Sydney (by adapting to new circumstances, I'm sure).
> Cheers and happy riding,
> Marty


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