[CAMWEST-discuss] prospect to blacktown 24 hour access

David Formosa dformosa at dformosa.zeta.org.au
Wed Jul 6 21:27:49 UTC 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Mark Robson wrote:

> Which brings me to my point, 24 hour access from Wetherill Park to
> Blacktown.

On that note 24 hour access to Rooty Hill and suburbs further west
is also needed.  It is possable in day light hours to make use of the
service road that runs between Nurrengingy Resurve and Rooty Hill as a
way to access quit roads leading to Blacktown and the cycleway hub that is
forming around it.  However this is only open during daylight hours.

Rooty Hill in turn has a cycleway that links to the back of Michinbury and
almost to the M4, cyclepath/brakedown lane (informal access to the M4
lane can be gained via the Archibald Street Bridge).

Also there is a pair of service ramps that run down from the ringroad and
join the Nurrengingy Resurve-Rootyhill service road.  There exists the
oppitunity to have these act as an "onramp" for the RingRoad cyclepath.
All that would be needed would be the fitting of a pair of safty gates
(the pool style ones).

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