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Fri Jul 8 10:14:03 UTC 2005


I love the sound of your suggestions.

Re Blacktown Council:

I've been speaking with them over the last couple of weeks to try and 
get short sections of path (1 to 5 metres) and curb-ramps down to local 
streets from the new shared path along Woodstock Ave, which the RTA are 
building in conjunction with the roadworks associated with the M7.  ALJV 
and the RTA both say it's in the council's domain.  Council have an 
'approved' bike plan which covers works over the next 6+ years, and 
don't appear to be able/want to budge from that.  Council did say that 
they may be able to get money from elsewhere (developer contributions 
etc) to enable them to do these short sections of pathway.
I will defintely raise your ideas at the next meeting (hopefully within 
5-6 weeks), but, unless, as you suggest, money is able to be sourced 
from somewhere else like the RTA, I think the chances of it happening 
within the next 7 or 8 years are pretty low.  I think this idea has more 
merit than some of the paths on the current plan.

- Rob

Mark Robson wrote:

>Hi All,
>I recently attended the opening of the 'lake' at Pemulway, the new estate just to
>the west of Greystanes. The three metre wide shared path alongside the stormwater creek
>is well worth a long look, it's so much better than the 2.5 metre paths. The is also a 
>3 metre wide bridge.( Nik, article coming for the web site, getting pics on the weekend.)
>I took a look at their development model, and this north/south path will indeed join up to Canal at 
>it's southern end. Not in a straight line mind you, and gung-ho racers and commuters will probably go
>straight up the road, but fully continuous off road shared path there will eventually be all the way from 
>Clunies Ross St to the Canal.
>Which brings me to my point, 24 hour access from Wetherill Park to Blacktown.
>If the Pemulway path is taken Westish to cross the M4 using the existing Clunies Ross St bridge
>then a footpath based route could be taken down Blacktown Road and up Aldgate St to the lights
>to join up with the Blacktown-Prospect path. 
>Also, the existing Girraween Creek path could be joined to Blacktown Road alongside Metalla Rd
>and/or through Metalla Reserve.
>This would result in the following:
>No big long expensive underpass/bridge at the M4/Gt Western Hwy near Fox Hills GC.
>Connection of Wetherill Park and Fairfield to Blacktown with a 24 hour route.
>Connection of the Prospect Canal to Toongabbie Station, and with McCoy Park built in the future
>resulting in connection to the North West Transitway path. My 'Cumberland valley' cycleway
>would be complete. ( Nik, article coming for the web site, getting pics on the weekend.)
>My dream is to connect the 2 Transitway paths, then continuous path will be available
>from Cecil Hills in the south to Rouse Hill and on to Windsor.
>Only problem:
>Aldgate St and Metalla Rd are in such a far flung corner of Blacktown Council that for this short
>connection to be completed will need to be pushed by the RTA.
>I will of course be taking up the issue with Holroyd Council and will write to my local member
>as they have 'announced' fairfield to Blacktown as a viable cycle route in the political advertising.
>The Wetherill Park employment area needs to be connected to the Blacktown residential area with a path
>that has 24 hour access for commuters. The other route through the reserviour out west to Cowpasture Rd
>now has a 24 hour alternative, not as scenic, not as much fun, moer stops at lights, but it's cycle path
>all the way. The north/south route through the reserviour lands also needs a bypass open 24 hours. 
>Here is the solution!
>We need to get this on the agenda at Blacktwon Council, Graeme? At the CSIRO site development meetings
>in Holroyd, Blacktown Council argued against a longish underpass on safety grounds, so they should
>support this idea.
>Where the Pemulway path joins to the Prospect Canal path what will the direction sign say?
>I want it to say 'Winston Hills, Blacktown' and mean it!
>Mark Robson
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