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Subject: October/November Rides Calendar Submissions due 8th August

> Hello there Ride organisers throughout NSW!
> The deadline for the October/November Rides Calendar in the next
> issue of Push On is just under two weeks away.
> The process now is that you enter these rides over the net which saves
time and risk
> of editing errors through the process. Rides submitted to the on line
rides calendar by
> August 8th will appear in print in the September/October issue of Push On.
> Many of you have already applied for a password and had this approved so
you can
> continue entering your rides directly on line.
> To get your password please drop me an email with the attached excel
> completed in the red outlined boxes with your name, contact phone number,
> address, BNSW Membership No, your BUG group, and your chosen password (six
> characters, at least 2 numbers). You get to the on line rides calendar via
links from
> the Bicycle NSW website home page.
> Once your password is approved you will receive an email back from me
> that your details have been validated and that your password is approved.
You will
> then be able to enter your BUG rides on-line.
> Push On Editor Jenni Gormley now handles the rides calendar any questions
> to Jenni at pushon at shirelife.com in the first instance
> Cheers and happy riding!
> Alex Unwin
> Chief Executive Officer
> BicycleNSW
> Level 5, 822 George St, Sydney 2000
> GPO Box 272 Sydney 2001
> Ph (02) 92814099 Fax (02) 9281 6099


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