[CAMWEST-discuss] Hi from newbie

Jeff Lehrer jlehrer at bigpond.com
Thu Aug 4 14:16:00 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I cycle 5 days a week to and from work and use bikes for other transport as
well as including shopping and dropping my daughter to day care. I do not
own a car but I have what I call my bike. A very basic bike that is about 15
years old and is good to jump on and just do a quick trip. I also have the
machine, a bike with child seat on the back, crate on the front, lots of
lights, fully loaded tool kit, purpose made shopping bag to fit in the crate
and coffee cup holder.

I have just subscribed and thought I would read the 2005 posts and it has
left me wondering is this organisation actually functioning because there
was a lot of talk about what will the future of camwest be, yet I did not
read anything that said what the members had decided.

At a time I think organisations like camwest are about to become more
important then anyone ever thought, and before I even discovered them it
seems like there are problems. Please inform me what happened and what I can
do to help. My time and resources are limited but if I can do something to
help out please let me know.


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