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Mon Aug 8 04:38:45 UTC 2005

Hi All,

Upon some reflection I agree with Danny that a shared path
with a speed limit will be an encouragement to inexperienced riders to
get on their bikes. 

Agreement with a speed limited shared path MUST be linked to obvious
signage that bicyclists exceeding the path speed limit are allowed
and expected to use the vehicle road. This MUST be clearly signposted 
at all park entrances. My worry is that motorists will rightously demand 
all bicyclists to be in the shared path area.

The letter of the law is that pedestrians have legal right of way on the shared path;
so imagining a situation where 5 or 6 pedestrians take ownership of the shared path
the poor cyclist is once again forced into the traffic lane.
A bicycle travelling at 15 km/h will take a hard hit from a car doing 30 km/h.

How about a rule in the park that all cars have to give way to bicycles, period!

Parramatta Park is one of the few places where recreational cyclists can go and NOT
have to worry about pedestrians OR cars. We should fight to retain this.

If the Trust want to make a space available for a pedestrain footpath let it be at the 
expense of motorists, not cyclists.

Mark R

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Parramatta Park Proposal,
Remove the two way vehicle movements from the CBD end
of the park, The whole outside circuit of the park to
be one way only.  Vehicles to be limited to 3.3m wide
road section and the rest for shared use varies 1.2m
to 3m wide. Blanket speed limit of 30km/hr. Speed
limit for cyclists only in the shared section of

I personally support the proposal, cyclists can use
the motor vehicle section for faster riding.  I do
have some concerns and propose suggested changes in
line with those concerns.

There should be a blanket speed limit for the shared
section.  Runners, roller-bladders and skate-boarders
can all exceed 15km/hr, roller-bladers and
skate-boarders have less control than cyclists.  Why
should cyclists be singled out?  Depending on the
design of the bicycle and the situation, 15Km/hr is
slow on a bicycle and it is less stable than at faster

1.  For the above reasons I propose a blanket speed
limit for the shared section of 20km/hr.

2.  Narrow the vehicle section of the road to a
maximum of 3m and 2.5m where the road way is narrow.
(Maximum legal vehicle width is 2.5m.)

2.  The vehicle lane be on the outside of the circuit
road (left hand side if the one-way direction is
clockwise as is now) and all parking be on the outside
of the circuit road.  If all the vehicle parking is on
the outside of the road vehicles would not have to
overtake and turn in front of pedestrians, cyclists
etc to exit the park or to access parking as all
non-motorised traffic would be on the inside of the
circuit road.  This avoids the conflict that has
caused several accidents in the past.


> How about meeting at parramatta park, 8am Sunday
> morning.
> enough of us have bike speedos to sample some
> typical speeds of other riders as well
> as clocking typical speeds for various sections
> ourselves.
> Mark R
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> >     I have already written a letter suggesting
> some changes to their
> > plan such as limiting vehicle speeds, not cycles,
> opposite flows for
> > m/Vehs compared to bikes,
> Opposite m/Vehs flows is something very bad and not
> something we should
> recomend.  Opposite flow (like wrong way cycling)
> increases both the
> chance of a collision and the dammige that a
> collision will cause.
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