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Thanks, Andrew. I would hope that Gary Jensen might approach the Parramatta Park management to ensure that the input from the Parramatta Cycleways Committee at its next meeting (when a rep from the Park is expected to attend) would be accepted as 'a late submission' before the Park management or Trust take any decisions. Independently of the PCComittee CAMWEST members have been 'debating' the best solution to these problems. So I am concerned that the Park management will receive conflicting or incompatible submissions from various cyclists. It would be desirable if cyclists could discuss the options and agree on a preferred solution.
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  Subject: Proposed changes to pedestrian, cycle and traffic managementin Parramatta Park

  Dear all,

  As fellow members of the Cycleways Committee, you may be interested to learn that Parramatta Park Trust is proposing "improvements" to pedestrian, cycle and traffic management in Parramatta Park. You can pick up details from the park Administration office, or by email from info at ppt.nsw.gov.au. Public comments and submissions are required by 5PM on 23 August.

  The changes include a continuous one way loop, replacing bus parking with bus drop off bays, installing a pedestrian crossing and reducing the speed limit. However action 4 is particular relevance to us:

  "4. Remarking of bicycle lane as wider shared pathway
  Repaint the poorly marked (faded) bicycle lane to a new, wider alignment along the entire road. Reduce the vehicle lane to a constant 3.3m width.
  Designate the lane as a shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists with a 15km/h speed limit"

  This seems to me to be an unsatisfactory approach on at least 3 fronts:
  - A 15km/h speed limit effectively excludes most cyclists. Only the slowest cyclists will be able to ride on the shared pathway. All other cyclists must either ride on the park roadway (which reduces safety), or ride on the open road. 
  - The cycle/pedestrian "conflicts" will continue, as pedestrians will continue to prefer to walk towards traffic, while the cyclists will prefer to ride  away from it.
  - From a pedestrians viewpoint, a shared on-road pathway is a poor outcome, both for safety (they are separated from traffic only by a line) and pleasure (they are walking on the road rather than in the park).

  A better approach might be to (1) to build an off road footpath, which would allow pedestrians to enjoy the park, completely free from cars, bikes and rollerblades, and (2) to repaint the cycle lane on its current alignment

  If this issue concerns you, please write to the Field Services Coordinator, Parramatta Park Trust, PO Box 232 Parramatta 2124 by 23 August (that's less than 2 weeks away!). We might also wish to respond as a Committee, but this would require a longer consultation period from the Trust.

  Andrew Cooper
  andrew_cooper at telstra.com
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