[CAMWEST-discuss] Proposed Changes to Cycling in Parramatta Park

Kevin Young nsw.cycling at cycling.org.au
Tue Aug 9 23:03:38 UTC 2005

Hi Robert


Cycling NSW received a copy of the document for comment yesterday. I can
confirm both the Parramatta CC and Cycling NSW will make formal submissions
opposing the suggested changes and asking they be modified to reflect a more
realistic plan.


Thanks for keeping us posted.




Kevin Young

Cycling NSW



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I've asked for a copy but nothing delivered by soft or hard copy as yet. The
timing of the release of this public document is extraordinary.
Consultations took place with the public about a traffic plan more than 5
years ago and I was consulted. It has sat and no doubt gathered alot of dust
in that time. They now decide to release it for comment giving a very short
time to make comment and the deadline is well before the next Parramatta
Council cycleways committee meeting with which the Park Director, Chris
Levins, has been invited to attend prior to this document being released. 


The summary I received in the mail from the Park seems to include a 4m or so
shared on-road path for pedestrians and cyclists with a 15km/hr speed limit.
There is nothing to stop faster cyclists from riding in the narrower traffic
lane which has a proposed reduced speed limit of 30km/hr. Neither situation
would suit the majority of cyclists I suspect.


I agree we will need to lobby hard and publicise the changes to road riding
clubs like Parramatta Cycle Club that use the park alot. 

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Subject: [CAMWEST-discuss] Proposed Changes to Cycling in Parramatta Park


Alex & Andrew


for info

This is society gone mad. There is a long tradition of bike riding at racing
speed in the Parra Park and to have a bunch of wowser tea totalling lazy
bustards even consider this proposal is enough to bring me out of the
closet.  We may need support letters from BNSW on this one.


CAMWESTies  I think this calls for a strategy meeting to plan our attack
strategy and even time to bring the big guns like Ian & Danny out of semi
retirement.  I'm open to suggestion of a venue and it needs to be ASAP.


Can somebody get a soft copy of the proposal?



Parramatta Cycling, Waratah\h Vets  & Cycling NSW

I think you would also have a huge stake in this latest proposal.


Graham  Heap

CAMWEST Member & BNSW Board Member



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> Hi, 
>   like Jeff I am reasonably new to CamWest & I was wondering if you ever
had a face to face meeting as well. I ride about 4 days per week mainly for
fitness and would ride more, except for the distinct lack of support for
bikes on our roads and shopping centres.It is easy to communicate by email,
but the good old fashioned concept of a meeting usually works a lot better.
> Like the rest of you I lead a busy lifestyle, but my commitment to cycling
is strong enough that I could make time to attend a meeting on a monthly or
quarterly basis to discuss methods of lobbying for cycling facilities in our
> These are facilities that need to be fought for as we are losing some of
them as I write. How many of you utilise Parramatta Park as a training venue
or a part of your commute? Are you aware that the Parramatta Park Trust is
proposing changes to traffice flow in the Park? Those changes include a
area with pedestrians. I tried riding at 15 kilometres per hour today on my
Mountain Bike. I managed that speed quite well on the uphill stretch near
MacQuarie St but it was fairly difficult on the rest of the ride.
> The proposals are on display at the Park & brochures are available.
Submissions are being taken up to 5pm on 22 August 2005.
> Jacob Messer,
> Field Services Coordinator,
> PO Box 232
> Or you can 'phone Jacob Messer on 88335006.
> John Holstein
>  <mailto:jonhol2 at netscape.net> jonhol2 at netscape.net
> Northmead NSW
> "Jeff Lehrer" < <mailto:jlehrer at bigpond.com> jlehrer at bigpond.com> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I cycle 5 days a week to and from work and use bikes for other transport
>>well as including shopping and dropping my daughter to day care. I do not
>>own a car but I have what I call my bike. A very basic bike that is about
>>years old and is good to jump on and just do a quick trip. I also have the
>>machine, a bike with child seat on the back, crate on the front, lots of
>>lights, fully loaded tool kit, purpose made shopping bag to fit in the
>>and coffee cup holder.
>>I have just subscribed and thought I would read the 2005 posts and it has
>>left me wondering is this organisation actually functioning because there
>>was a lot of talk about what will the future of camwest be, yet I did not
>>read anything that said what the members had decided.
>>At a time I think organisations like camwest are about to become more
>>important then anyone ever thought, and before I even discovered them it
>>seems like there are problems. Please inform me what happened and what I
>>do to help. My time and resources are limited but if I can do something to
>>help out please let me know.
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