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Nice idea--unfortunately both dates wil find me in Indonesia
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  Hullo CAMWESTies

  Not everyone was able to get to the short-notice getting-to-know-you BBQ at my place. So, Danny Hannan and I are going to host another one, this time at Parramatta Park (about which there is a lot of interest at the moment). The purpose of this next BBQ is to maintain the cohesion within CAMWEST and, in particular, to meet the new members who we know, in many cases, only thru their names on the email list.

  Please let me know within a week whether the two following dates are okay for you (and your family). If one of the dates will not be available for you, please let me know that, as we will make a booking for the date that most people can get along. In your RSVP you might also indicate whether you would prefer all day or only half a day. If the latter, indicate whether you are likely to prefer morning (9am to 1pm) or afternoon (1pm to 8pm).

  Sunday, 13th November
  Sunday, 20th November

  We will try to book Area 7 in the park. It has a covered shed with two tables (room for 8 at each) and some benches (seating for 10 more). There are two electric BBQs (free) and nearby trees to provide shade in the afternoon. It is at the north (Cumberland Hospital) end of Parramatta Park, on the eastern bank of Domain Creek (i.e. across the creek from Coleman Oval which is at the northern end of Park Avenue). The cost for us to book is $165 plus a refundable deposit of $200 (this should not be a problem for CAMWEST as we have considerably more than that in the kitty). If we book it means that other groups cannot occupy the area we have booked.

  So, the preferred date is 13th November. But if that proves to be a problem for several people, we may need to try for 20th November. I should be able to let you know by 1st September. 

  It will be a bring-your-own affair: food, drinks, plates, cutlery. Danny and I are hosts only in the sense that we will make the booking and keep you informed about arrangements. We are hoping that all the newbies and all the oldies can get along to this by bike, train or motor vehicle.

  Ian Macindoe
  10 Barnetts Rd
  Winston Hills NSW 2153
  (+ 61 2) 9639 4654
  imacian at bigpond.net.au


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