[CAMWEST-discuss] Ride Report -Parramatta Heritage Ride - 25 Sep 2005

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Forgot to mention the website! A few people had seen this, and I also
handed out some brochures with the website address (thanks Marty) and the
opening times of various places). Hopefully there'll be a few more hits.

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The 4th (or was it the 5th?) Parramatta Heritage ride was held yesterday.
Around 40 people gathered in overcast weather, including 3 Camwesties -
Peter Gilbert (the trusty tail rider), Danny Hannan and Ian Macindoe.
Fortunately the rain held off.

The ride took exactly 2.5 hours, and some adjustments to the order of
events saw us finishing up at the coffee shop in Parramatta Park. That's a
delightful venue (though someone has to talk to the proprietor about
pricing one slice of raisin toast at $3.70!!!). The pace was slow, as
expected. Everyone was able to keep up, and there were no flats or

Quite a varied group of participants - 2 families, a few couples, ages
ranging from children through to people in their sixties (at least!). I
think most enjoyed the ride - what I like is showing the locals things in
their own back yard that they don't even know about!

The ride got a fair bit of publicity - the Parramatta WhatsOn guide, as
well as the Advertiser (article as well as Lord Mayor's column). It had
also featured in Australian Cyclist . I got a call on Saturday from someone
who'd seen it in Saturday's Telegraph (somehow classified under "Kids"!).
That was a real surprise - I think the Parramatta Heritage Centre had
something to do with that. For some reason the local Sun didn't mention it,
despite two items being provided.

Tom O'Hanlon from Parramatta Council attended - he mentioned some good
news, that UWS is submitting a Development Application for the cycleway
through UWS this week!!

By the way, if anyone else is interested in providing the commentary on one
of the rides, you're welcome to make yourself known!!!

Would also benefit from a amplification system with such a group... (Danny
will confirm this)!  Peter has seen systems in use elsewhere and we will
make further enquiries.

All in all, an enjoyable ride, suitable for all cyclists. Special thanks to
Peter for being the tail rider. (and to Rob C for lending me a Camwest


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