[CAMWEST-discuss] Western Sydney Community Development discussion paper

Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Tue Sep 27 02:14:06 UTC 2005

Hi Alex
I think the discussion paper is a good start to getting some relevant parties around the table (or around the cyber-table via email) to look at this possibility in more concrete detail.

A couple of questions/comments: Is Western Sydney Parklands the new title for what used to be called Western Sydney Regional Park?
I am sceptical of the statement 'Western Sydney Parklands offer a vast array of recreational and social opportunities' and would suggest substituting for that: 'WSP offer excellent off-road cycling to picnic spots and to the Fairfield City Farm'. This assumes that WSP = Western Sydney Regional Park. Happy to discuss on phone.

I am hopeful that CAMWEST can be involved in these plans and suggest that Graham Heap be the liasion between BNSW and CAMWEST.

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