[CAMWEST-discuss] *Harbour Bridge* Critical Mass! this Friday 25 November

Gabrielle Kuiper Gabrielle.Kuiper at optushome.com.au
Mon Nov 21 20:48:05 UTC 2005

- please circulate far and wide -

*Harbour Bridge* Critical Mass!
5:30pm Friday 25 November

Once a year, Critical Mass rides over the Harbour Bridge
in a colourful celebration of human-powered healthy and
environmentally-friendly transport. Join 1000 cyclists, roller
bladers, skaters and 20 velocops on this police and RTA
approved community event  :)  We will finish with food and music at
the North Sydney food fair.

[where] meet at the Hyde Park fountain (north end)
[transport] ride or roll or take the train to St James station

[contact] Critical Mass Sydney 9990 2911
[web address] http://www.criticalmass.org.au/sydney


Walk Against Warming
11:00am Saturday 3 December

Family-friendly walk to Hyde Park where there will be giant scroll
of canvas with the Kyoto Protocol written on it which will allow
people to add their signatures.

[where] Sydney Town Hall
[transport] Train or bus to Town Hall station

[contact] Melinda Cook
[email] mcook at nccnsw.org.au
[web address] http://www.walkagainstwarming.org

----\\ [the full rave] //----

Be part of the first national day of action on climate change,
supporting the international call for united action on climate
change to coincide with Climate talks in Montreal! Join the rest
of the world in demanding that the US and Australia ratify the
Kyoto protocol and commit to a clean energy future. It is vital
that the global community move toward stronger emissions target
agreements that are equitable and effective in reducing greenhouse
gas emissions.

It's time that communities were mobilised to demand that our
governments take the necessary steps to avert dangerous climate
change. Many conservation councils Australia wide are working
to coordinate events in their state. Representatives from across
the community including NGOs, student groups, churches, unions,
individuals and activists are all urged to help build this December
3 Day of Action. Lets make the community voice heard on this urgent
issue through coordinated action in our cities and regional centres.
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