[CAMWEST-discuss] Re: [LBUG] ABC Catalyst program

Robert Moore fractalbug at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 25 01:55:23 UTC 2005

The Catalyst segment on Peak Oil was good , a little
short but full of info. Hope they are not all flying
off on their holidays now.

The bit on the small oil well in WA as it passes the
halfway point in the amount of oil below (you have to
pump in more and more water to keep up the pressure so
you end up with 99%water and 1% oil coming out), and
how it is the same in principle for the global amount
of oil, was nicely done. The oil will keep coming out
but it will get harder and harder to extract and
therefore more  and more expensive. The chances of
finding any new big oil fields are slim, according to
the experts.

At least, as cyclists, we are doing our bit to save
oil. Even George Bush says stop driving so much (at
the same time using up incredible amounts of oil in
Iraq in his war machine). I sometimes feel that
cycling is going to come into its own quite easily
now, as the oil crisis develops, not to mention
climate change, which could be just as bad in its
effects. Antartic ice shelf is  now melting, something
most scientists said wouldnt happen until much later.
Will the politicians  be the last to act? 

For a bit of pessimistic reading try the dieoff web
site, eg


Also www.peakoil.com


--- Danny Hannan <danny_hannan at yahoo.com> wrote:

> If you missed the ABC Catalyst program on Thursday
> evening Nov 24 about Oil Depletion, I suggest you
> get
> a copy.
> Why oil?
> Over 50% of the world's final energy (energy sold to
> consumers) comes from oil, if we include natural gas
> as a petroleum, 62% of the world's primary energy
> (total energy produced) comes from petroleum and 90%
> comes from fossil fuels (BP 2005).

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