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Dear Folks,

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Subject: Narrowing SHB Cycleway

Fellow BUGS,

RTA and Railway will soon start installation of:

- Full height fencing between the cycleway and the railway;
- Railway maintenance walkway;
- Emergency exits from the rail corridor.

This will mean a permanent narrowing of this the busiest cycleway in
Sydney.  It’s barely adequate to cater for the growing bicycle traffic
already.  Narrowing the path significantly increases the risks of

There has been no prior consultation with Bicycle NSW or the BUGs.

Work is scheduled to be finished by early 2006 and will even more
severely restrain some sections to one-way cycling during
construction. There may be a detour to the pedestrian side of the

Please pass on the word and ask people to contact the RTA, Roads
Minister and Transport Minister andlet them know how we feel about
this. Our flyer can be downloaded from



Bike North

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