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MessageSeasons Greetings to you also! It may be that some CAMWEST riders (and also riders from Bike North etc) may plan a Saturday ride on the M7. Unfortunately I cannot join in this time as I'm about to leave on a 3 week trip to Victoria. Have a look on the CAMWEST website and see if there's any indication of a ride for the opening of the M7. Good luck.
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  Hi Ian, 
  Merry Christmas! 
  How's it going? I hope all is well. Just wondering if there's any news of a ride soon, since they M7 is scheduled to open this Friday.. . will there be an announcement made? Give us a yell when you do hear of one, 


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    Hullo Rommel
    All we can do now is wait to hear of an opening date. Then we can suggest a ride and some approximate times that riders could join a 'ride through' on the day. All 'the riders out here' (I guess that means Blacktown) should get in touch with Rob Kemp who is working on bike routes and so on in that area. All best.
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