[CAMWEST-discuss] Initial thoughts on M7 shared path

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Tue Jan 10 11:07:43 UTC 2006

My inital impressions of the M7 shared path is that it's fantastic !!  
Okay, I might be slightly biased in that I live so close and can be on 
it wthin 2 or 3 minutes of jumping on the bike.
I've been out riding 3 of the last 4 evenings, and have been pleasantly 
surprised at how many people have been using the path.  The section 
between Woodstock Ave and Richmond Rd seems to be particularly well used 
(This is probably understandable as it has a higher population density 
surrounding it than other sections). 
I've seen family groups out riding, parents with toddlers on the back, 
young kids with trainer wheels on their bike, scooters, skateboarders - 
even a tandem this evening.  The list goes on: Dog walkers, joggers, 
people just out walking etc.  The only disadvantage is that you 
sometimes have to slow down to dodge everyone (I can live with that one 
A couple of potential problems or things to watch out for though: 
- There are some reasonably tight corners/intersections on downhill (eg 
Around Quakers Rd) and flat stretches.  I don't feel safe at taking some 
of them much faster than 20 kmph.
- The barriers at the southern end of the Woodstock Ave overpass form a 
squeeze point.  This is at the bottom of a downhill for both directions 
- A potential conflict situation if cyclists from each direction are 
travelling at speed.  There are probably a few other similar squeeze points.
- There are also a few pit lids that are slightly raised and still some 
construction debris and barriers in places.
- Poor signage at some intersections (I'll try and do a bit of an audit 
sometime over the next few weeks).
- Some cycleway connections to local roads still to be completed eg 
Connection to Rickard Rd (No. 51 on Westlink M7 cycleway map) not 
sealed.  It's a bit rough at the moment.

Although the speed limit on the shared path is meant to be well under 
100 kmph, there are several places where the M7 speed limit sign (of 100 
kmph) is placed more or less over the shared path.  The photo below 
shows one instance of this, just south of Elizabeth Drive.  This happens 
to be on a good downhill stretch (when heading south).  I  wonder if 
some riders (particularly tandem riders) might see this as a bit of a 
challenge :)



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