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Subject: Organising Rides for NSW Seniors Week 2006 (2 - 9 April) 

Hi all BUGs in NSW!
This is a great opportunity to share the experience and benefits of riding with
Senior Citizens from your local community.
The attached 4 pager outlines a how DADHC (Dept of Aging, Disability & Home
Care) are providing, through Bicycle NSW, funding for BUGs to design, organise
and conduct rides specifically for Seniors during 2006 Seniors Week. The
document also includes a pro forma for BUGs to submit an expression of interest
for the funding to Bicycle NSW.
It's all pretty much self explanatory, but if after reading the attached you
have any questions feel free to give me a call. Closing date for applications
for funding is the 31 January, earlier if oversubscribed!
If it isn't you, please forward this email to the appropriate folk in your BUG,
Happy riding!!
Alex S Unwin
Chief Executive Officer
Bicycle New South Wales
Level 5, 822 George Street, Sydney 2000
Direct Line (02) 9218 5410
Fax (02) 9281 6099

Content-Description: NSW Seniors Week Ride Expression of Interest from BUGs.doc

 NSW Seniors Week /Bicycle NSW/Local BUG Partnerships Community Rides during
                       2006 Seniors Week (2 – 9 April)


Bicycle NSW have negotiated an agreement with NSW Seniors for the provision
of funding to local Bicycle User Groups throughout NSW in return for the
BUG organizing and conducting introductory rides specifically for Seniors
during 2006 Seniors Week (2-9 April).

While offering a form of moderate physical exercise, such events also
provide valuable opportunities for social and recreational contact for
senior citizens in the context of rides specifically organized to provide
for a safe and interesting ride route.

Bicycle NSW is calling for expressions of interest from BUGs who wish to
organize and conduct such a ride (or rides) in return for a $250 grant (per
ride) from Bicycle NSW ($450 per ride if bike hire for a minimum of 5 bikes
per ride is included).

Rides should be organized and led by experienced ride leaders, and should
be designed and planned specifically with seniors in mind. (see guidance
notes re Ride Format below)

As a BUG organised event, the ride will be covered by Bicycle NSW Public
Liability Insurance.  Ride bookings and administration to be handled by the

Ride Format

The design and planning of these rides must specifically address the
following criteria:
    • Safe Route
Eg Using off road Cycleways (eg Westlink M7) Parks (eg Sydney Olympic Park)
and/or suitably quiet (low motor traffic volume) roads. Anticipated maximum
participants per ride at 12, more at the Ride Leader’s discretion
    • Scenic or other Interest
Eg Scenic (Rural, Coastline, Lakeside etc) Historical/Heritage Interest
etc, Use of a popular “destination point”.
    • Minimal experience required
(Moderate distances/speed/route difficulty/rest stops)
Generally no more than 20kms, where possible avoiding steep gradients and
providing ample opportunities for rest stops and route short cuts as
    • Provision of Refreshment
Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea as appropriate to be provided to
participants free of charge (costs met by the organizing BUG)
    • Bicycle Hire
Where possible bicycle hire may be made available FOC to participants (for
an additional $200 grant to the BUG as noted above) Eg Centennial Park,
Bicentennial Park. This is to be organized and administered by the BUG.

Ride Promotion

1. A summary of the each of the rides (including name/contact details of
relevant person in the BUG) will be published on a website hosted by
Bicycle NSW. All ride planning, organizing, enquiries, bookings,
administration and reporting to be handled by the relevant BUG.

2. A summary of the program to be included in the 2006 Seniors Week
Program, including the address of the website above.

There will be 400,000 programs printed and distributed through Community
Centres, Libraries, Senior Citizens Groups, RSL clubs, DADHC regional
centres, DADHC magazines - Connections and Our Voice, The Australian
Seniors Newspaper, Coles and Bi-Lo.

Proposed Copy for the program as follows:

Venue:                       Various throughout NSW
Date/Time:             Various
Cost:                  Rides are free, Bike Hire may be available.
Phone for Details:     (02) 9218 5408
Website for details:   www.bicyclensw.org.au/seniors

Want to get active while seeing some sights, having some fun and meeting
new people? Then join one of a number of bike rides being organised
especially for 2006 Seniors week around NSW by local Bicycle User Groups.
The rides have been planned using particularly safe routes incorporating
parks and off road cycleways. Ride distances and terrain have been selected
with the relative novice rider in mind, and the ride routes cover areas of
particular scenic, heritage or similar interest. All rides include plenty
of rest stops and a complimentary morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea as
applicable. In some cases complimentary bike hire may be available. Rides
are organised and conducted by experienced ride leaders, however seniors
ride at their own risk. Call the number or log on to the website above to
find out details of rides in your area.

Logos:                 BNSW Logo

3. A story to be included in the March/April issue of Push On, also a story
and weblink to be emailed to Bicycle NSW email base and NSW Seniors email
base during February/March 2006

4. Local promotion of ride by the organizing BUG

BUGs seeking additional Sponsorship

Additional sponsorship for individual rides (eg from Bike Hire firms) can
be sought by the organizing BUG, subject to the approval of DADHC. All
funding and resources raised remain with the BUG

Submitting Expressions of Interest

Closing Date: 31 January 2006 (closing earlier if oversubscribed)
Submissions: Via word document (completing information per pro forma below)
as an attachment to an email to aunwin at bicyclensw.org.au
Phone enquiries: Alex  Unwin  02 9218 5410
Notification of success: By 8 February 2006 latest.


Copies of sign on sheets and completed feedback forms (blank to be provided
by Bicycle NSW) to be forwarded to Bicycle NSW immediately after the ride
has been completed for compilation of final report and recommendations to
DADHC for 2007.
Those BUGs that are successful in applying will receive from Bicycle NSW a
recipient created invoice (for the purpose of the payment of the $250/$450
grant monies) together with a cheque for $250/$450 and a supplier statement
re gst.

Expression of Interest Submission Pro Forma

Ride Organizer Details

Phone Numbers: (Home/Work/Mobile as applicable)
Email Address:
Bicycle NSW Membership Number:

Summary of experience in organizing and planning rides:

Bicycle User Group Organizing the Ride
BUG Name:
BUG Contact Name/Phone:

Booking/Enquiry Contact Details (these details will appear on website – may
be the same as the Ride Organizer – if so write “as above”)
Phone Numbers: (Home/Work/Mobile as applicable)

Ride Leader Details (may be the same as the Ride Organizer - if so write
“as above”)
Phone Numbers: (Home/Work/Mobile as applicable)
Email Address:
Bicycle NSW Membership Number:
Summary of experience in leading rides:

Ride Details: (to appear on website)
Ride Name/Title: (eg Parramatta Heritage Loop)
Start/Finish Location:  (consider the importance of convenience eg
parking/public transport access)
Date: (Must be between 2 – 9 April 2006 inclusive)
Start Time: (am/pm)
Ride Distance & Duration: (kms & hrs)
Ride Description: (summarise the intended ride experience including an
outline of the ride route mentioning any points/activities considered of
interest/relevance, details of planned refreshment stop(s), toilets, water
points etc. Include as much detail as you like to encourage involvement of
Seniors. Inclusion of weblinks for more details/pictures/local
attractions/BUG website strongly recommended)
Bike Hire: (Provide booking and other details for bike hire where

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