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I hope Rob Kemp can document all these good ideas. They should then be 
forwarded on to Brad Donaldson in RTA and, if necessary, a discussion 
meeting arranged with Brad.
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> Hi Paul,
> I know this area quite well as I ride with a mate at Abbotsbury.
> Indeed there is a shared path alongside Horsely Drive, linking the T-Way
> to Western Sydney Regional Park. It does not link directly to the 
> cycleway,
> but an easy run through the car park and across a short area of smooth 
> grass
> brings you to the reservoir cycleway, but not the M7.
> There is also a path alongside Cowpasture Rd. By using the roundabout at 
> Restwell Poad to
> the entrance to the Regional Park ( the place is called the Dairy and has 
> water and toilets )
> one can access the internal roads of the Regional Park. From the M7 car 
> lanes I have spotted
> these internal roads from the motorway side, so I assume it's possible to 
> make the connection
> by bicycle, it is only a kilomtre or so.
> Only problem is the hill up from the Dairy to the top of the park is too 
> steep for mortals like
> us to ride up. I have done it once and pushed the bike up the hill. I am 
> stronger now  and have
> more gears, but easy cycleway it is NOT. And the downhill is deadly with a 
> speed hump to be
> negotiated at potential bike speeds of 70 km/h. Superb brakes are 
> necessary.
> All in all, use Chandos Lane. It needs bike logos as it's clearly the best 
> option geographically.
> Who's going to ask RTA?
> I expect to be able to do a physical recce on this route on Feb 11/12.
> Obviosly we know that the Dairy is already linked to Fairfield and 
> Bankstown via Orphan School Creek
> so a decent link from through the regional park to the M7 would draw cycle 
> traffic from as
> far afield as Canley Vale and Parramatta.
> Mark Robson
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> Hi Rob... this is an excellent initiative. Here are a couple of linkages
> I've found:
> 1. Chandos Rd connects the Prospect Reservoir cycleway to the M7. Cyclists
> heading from Prospect to Abbotsbury cross this Chandos Rd already (it's at
> the top of the short steep hill!). Chandos is a quiet back road with one
> roundabout - have seen some trucks crossing there.
> 2. It appears to me that there is a shared path along both The Horsley
> Drive and Elizabeth Drive. I haven't verified this, but it could be that
> they also join up with the Abbotsbury cycleway. Does anyone else know?
> 3. Jedda Rd exit near Liverpool is a good connection to the TWay shared
> path on Hoxton Park Rd.
> Regards
> Paul
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