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Dear Folks,

I forward this, sent to the info at camwest.pps.com.au address, in case
anyone is interested.

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Subject: Tour de Warrumbungles soon
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Dear BUG contacts,

You've seen the ad in the latest Push On regarding this year's Tour de
Warrumbungles to be held on Sunday 23rd April.

You may not realise that we've organised a weekend of riding around
the Tour.  Saturday morning is a 27 km Coffee Ride in a loop to the
east of Coonabarabran.  And Monday morning is a 22 km ride (with
morning tea) through a reasonably flat and picturesque part of the
country south of the town.

The Tour itself offers a choice of rides - 50 km, 43 km, 23 km and 12
km - to suit all levels of ability, all ending at the Visitors Centre
in the Warrumbungle National Park.  The first two start in
Coonabarabran and include some hard hills.  The third is a long
downhill rush from Siding Spring Observatory and the last is entirely
within the National Park.

A sausage sizzle (vegetarian included) and prize draw completes the
official part of the day. The "hard" riders can tackle the return ride
to town.  We'll also provide a bus back but you'll need to let us know
you'll be needing it.

This ia an invitation to you, your members and your friends to a great
weekend of cycling in the Coonabarabran area.

For more information check out:
or email wwbug at coonabarabran .com

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