[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Cycleway path cleaning under M4

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Dear Folks,

I am forwarding this, sent to info at camwest.pps.com.au.

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Subject: Cycleway path cleaning under M4
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Hi BikeNorth and Camwest,
Thought you'd like to know that a keen massbugger has taken to sweeping up the
glass on various paths. Under the M4 is the latest section to benefit from
John's broom.  So if you see him (recognisable by the broom permanently
strapped to the top tube) give him a wave and a nod of thanks.

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Greetings Massbuggers,
for anyone who is interested, and is aware of the huge glass problem on the
bike path under the  M4 motorway at clyde/ granville/ merrylands, it has been
taken care of. But I've noticed new 'spills' between clyde and Newington
(olympic site). That''s for another day. happy cycling

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