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Dear Folks,

I am forwarding this from the info at camwest.pps.com.au address.  It
looks like something we should know about.

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Subject: Cycle route along Kent Street (CBD) - action before 31 May

Hi BUG contact,
Great news! The City of Sydney is proposing to create cycle lanes along Kent
Street in the CBD. This will create a North-South route making it much easier
to get through the CBD on your bike.
They are now seeking comments. Deadline is 31 May, which is not very far away.
Please consider encouraging the City of Sydney to actually create the cycle
lanes, by eg. sending them a letter with your constructive comments on your
official BUG letterhead. Or maybe forward this email to your members, asking
them to send comments.
Great four page flyer showing what the cycleway will look like
Media Release
Please put your weight behind this important cycling infrastructure. Every bit
of support will help, even if you're not based in Sydney.
Matt Perdeck
Head of Community Development
Bicycle NSW

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