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Jeff... Parramatta Council did this a while back (3 or 4 years ago). I'll
dig into the archives and see if I can find.


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This is a great idea,

where are the volunteers to do it for
the other govt areas we cover.

Of course I volunteer for Holroyd.

Mark R

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> Hi all,

> I have decided to take on a personal project and list all the
> available bicycle parking available in the Parramatta council
> area. (I would like to look at Western Sydney but I have to start
> somewhere). I will be searching them out and describing them on a
> spreadsheet initially. Who knows what I or someone else can do with
> the information later?

> So what I am after is a little bit of help from everyone here. Can
> you please tell me about any public bicycle parking facilities that
> you use / are aware of in your area. At the moment I am looking at
> locations primarily and I will be worrying about descriptions later,
> although all information would be welcome.

> Thanks

> Jeff Lehrer
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