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Here is some futher discussion, again forwarded from
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Subject: Re: Reform Bicycle NSW

--- John Kyriazis  and Ian Macindoe wrote:

> we would be
> interested to know the thoughts of others to the
> following proposal.
>   To encourage greater participation of members of
> Bicycle NSW in the Annual General Meeting we suggest
> the following:
>    To increase Bicycle NSW’s commitment to and
> involvement with its members, we suggest that
> positions on its Board be 'elected by lot' ,
> specifically to liaise with and promote BUGs
> throughout NSW. (please note: 'elected by lot' means
> random selection from membership list.) 

Do you mean ALL positions by lot? Any age limit or
experience/skills needed?
>    Some weeks prior to the AGM there be a special
> boxed section of Push On outlining the main purposes
> and issues to be taken up at the AGM. 
>    The AGM to occur during the last half day of a
> two-day BUGs workshop dealing with 
>         (a) BUG purposes and activities, (b) BUG
> governance, and (c) BNSW governance.

This is a good idea if enough people can get to it.

>    The BUG workshop be organised and hosted by one
> of the larger/more successful BUGs at no substantial
> cost to Bicycle NSW as an organisation. 

 Who does pay then, the hosting BUG? Not many could
afford that. Better to make it an annual item in the
BNSW budget surely? Or are we talking home-stays?

> So, for
> example, if Bathurst BADBUG or Bicycle Wagga Wagga
> or Northern Rivers Cycling Club or NAMBUG or BUG LE
> BUG (Leeton) or Cootamundra BUG hosts the workshop,
> then they would provide the appropriate facilities
> for the AGM also. 

Maybe the local Council or  business could help
subsidise the meeting.

>   The effect of such changes to the present
> operation of Bicycle NSW would be to shift emphasis
> towards the role of BUGs vis-à-vis the central
> support organisation (Bicycle NSW). It would also,
> we hope, tend to provide a balance to the
> traditional Sydney-centric operation of Bicycle NSW.
> We think it would certainly lead to productive ideas
> for BUGs to share and could even make the AGM fun!

I am thinking what BNSW needs as always is a stronger
Advocacy Committee and maybe the BUGs need to think
about getting on that before they get on the board
itself. ( Apologies for those who are involved, I
admit I am a litle out of it myself these days.) More
use of electronic meetings might overcome the distance
and other splits between country and city.

Bob Moore
Leichhardt BUG

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