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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Mon Aug 28 15:59:55 UTC 2006

Dear Steven,

On 28/08/06 23:36 +1000, Steven Lopez wrote:

>I have recently met with Mark out on the Bicycle trip and am looking
>to become a member of CAMWEST… If not already.

Welcome, Steven!

Please subscribe to CAMWEST-discuss (there's a link from the menu on
the web site).  I am CCing this to the list, so that others may
respond.  I am not CAMWEST, just a relatively newly interested person.
At the moment, "being a member" is very poorly defined, but
approximates to being subscribed to the CAMWEST-discuss list.

>I am a Web Site designer and would like to offer my assistance and
>over-throwing this “raggy” yet efficient software

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.  What software?  Do you mean

>with an even better one which will offer full fledge member
>capabilities… Like Forums,

What forum software do you propose using?

>and other stuff.

such as?

>This will allow CAMWEST to keep track of Members and numbers.

Well, I do have a list of all subscribers to the mailing lists.

>I am willing to do this all for free and out of good will and would
>love to help you in the maintenance of the site, But with the new
>system I have planned, Any “authorized” member with absolutely no
>knowledge of Web Authoring tools, will look like a PRO using the
>Server software.

Yes, it would be nice to have people look after things themselves
more.  One friend's experience with using Drupal and Plone is that his
customers still are hesitant to change things, and that he still
needed to do a lot of the editing.  But I agree; it would be nice to
have free flowing discussion on our web site, with support for members
to add their comments.

>What is required is

>PHP and MYSQL… and a bit of Configuration on part by your Hosting
>Provider (if required).

>Please get back to me via Email or telephone on 0415 903 525 or (02) 96871698

>I am very experienced and have made various sites in the past and
>have experience in other parts of I.T., for an Example of the site,
>See www.ultimate-eaw.com which is based on the engine ill be using if
>you give the green light.

I see.  Is that engine Joomla! ?

My own preference is for using GPL or free (as in freedom) software,
and preferably styling with CSS rather than mixing the style with
content.  I also like to stick with standards as much as possible; you
will see that (almost) all the pages I've done are valid XHTML 1.0
strict, with (almost) no styling mixed with the content.  I also like
to avoid using tables for layout, as CSS makes things much simpler.
I've put in some effort to remove the previous tables and replace them
with various div blocks.  There is still much to do with the
arrangement of the material that people have written.  We just had a
meeting recently to discuss what direction to take the web site.

What do you propose doing?  How do you propose integrating what has
been done already, with Joomla! ?

>Steven Lopez
>Project Leader
>Ultimate EAW (http://www.ultimate-eaw.com)
>MSN Messenger: [REMOVED]

Thank you very much for getting in touch with us, Steven.  I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
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