[CAMWEST-discuss] Rearrangement of CAMWEST Web site, and Danny's oil articles

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Fri Jul 21 03:44:27 UTC 2006

Dear Danny and CAMWESTies,

On 18/07/06 15:04 +1000, Danny Hannan wrote:
>Are you still or who is updating the web site?

In the absence of anyone else, yes :-)

>The articles I sent do not appear to be placed on the

I am sorry, I have been overseas for a few weeks, and have been away
in the snow tobogganing with my son, and with my parents for a few
days.  I've been catching up with things that deserve my higher
priorities (my wife and son), and am now finally catching up with

>Articles are attached

Thank you.  I have formatted them and put them on the web site.  They
are at
http://camwest.pps.com.au/projects/murpheys-law.shtml and

I am in the process of working out a way of making it easier to
maintain the web site, and have ruthlessly stripped out all the markup
from the content, and have tried to just leave the structure.  I have
put all the styling into a new style sheet

I am attempting to build some nice nested menus based on the tutorial
at http://www.tanfa.co.uk/css/examples/menu/vs7.asp and
http://www.seoconsultants.com/css/menus/vertical/ and complex
workarounds for Internet Explorer 5.x

I haven't got it working yet, and it looks like it will take me a few
days before I have a deep enough understanding of CSS and IE's refusal
to work with it to make the menus work.

Then I will need to write a program to edit all the hundred or so web
pages on the web site.  This will probably cause a lot of breakage, so
I will set this up on a test site, to get your feedback from.

Please look at the web pages above and let me know if you see any
problems (I have tested it in Firefox on Linux, IE5, IE5.5 and IE6
running in wine on Linux).  Also, any aesthetic feedback would be

Please note that my aims for the design are:

1. Cleanly separate the content from formatting so the web site is
   much easier to maintain using simple tools, not requiring
   proprietary tools such as Dreamweaver or (shudder) Frontpage;
2. be able to work on all the major browsers later than Netscape
   4.x and IE 4;
3. be able to work with a variety of screen resolutions and so avoid
   pixel widths for boxes of text, and still look okay at 1920x1440 as
   well as at 800x600 (or even 640x480);
4. Still be readable after radically resizing the fonts with browsers
   that are capable of doing so (such as Firefox);
5. Keep all constant parts in single files that are included into each
   file, rather than repeating the same material hundreds of times.
   This obviously makes it much more possible to manage the site;
6. To keep all the original pages in the same place with the same URL
   so that links from search engines and other sites do not die within
   the constraints of the above.

None of this is easy for me; it is a learning experience that I am
tackling as my family and other commitments allow.

Anyone who wants to help is most welcome!
Nick Urbanik   RHCE         http://nicku.org        nicku at nicku.org
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