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Dear Folks,

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The issue of the delay to the opening of the cycleway between
Silverwater Bridge and Goerge Kendall Riverside Park was discussed at
the last Parramatta Cycleways Committee meeting, though the person
who's duty it was to ask questions about it was not present, so the
discussion was inconclusive.

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Subject: Bouquets and Brickbats over Cycleway

To whom it may concern,
Parramatta City Council and University of Western Sydney (Parramatta
campus) are both to be complemented on undertaking high quality
improvement works on the Parramatta Valley cycleway in Primrose Park
and UWS grounds respectively, over the last three (3) weeks. This work
greatly improves the travel times and safety on this heavily used East
- West link for pedestrians, recreational and commuter cyclists
between the main Northern and Western railway lines.
Conversely, Theiss contractors continue to delay completion of repairs
to the river frontage section of same cycleway on the old Newington
arms depot despite signage still claiming completion date of late
November LAST YEAR. Other signage on site claiming delays to reopening
due to delayed approvals lack credibility. Could the delays possibly
be due to depressed real estate markets in Sydney? Thiess and
Department of Defence, give the people of Western Sydney back our bike
path or close down this useless white elephant.
Strong tailwinds,
Doug Williamson
4/2 Thomas St,
North Parramatta. 2151
Ph: 9683 4493 /0411 254 512

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