[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Re: 3nd Email request To pps.com.au from yellow-jersey.net

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Wed Jul 26 21:14:07 UTC 2006

Dear Folks,

I regularly get requests for link exchanges sent to
info at camwest.pps.com.au.  I had to think a little about this one.  Do
you think that that this reply is appropriate?

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From: Nick Urbanik <nicku at nicku.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 07:09:55 +1000
To: Yellow-jersey Team <yellow-jersey at wonder-directory.com>
Subject: Re: 3nd Email request To pps.com.au from yellow-jersey.net
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Dear "yellow-jersey.net",

On 26/07/06 18:18 +0530, Yellow-jersey Team wrote:
>Hello pps.com.au,
>I sent you  two link requests for http://www.yellow-jersey.net to see 
>if you would be interested in exchanging links.

I have thought about this, and:

1. Although we have bicycles in common, we have little else.

   a. Your site is about promoting racing, even Harley Davidson
      motorcycles, and making money.

   b. Our site is about lobying councils for better cycling facilities
      and for promoting the pleasure of cycling.  We make no profit.

2. Although you are vigorously persuing link exchanges, we are not,
   and simply creating a web page with just a link to your web page
   and not to others is inappropriate.

3. Thank you for showing that the title our web site needs changing.
   I have changed it to put CAMWEST first instead of the word "Home".
   We are CAMWEST; pps.com.au is our hosting provider.

4. I wish you all the best with your efforts.

>I have put a link to your pps.com.au at:
>I realize that you are probably not interested in link exchange. I'll
>remove your link day after tomorrow from my link page. if you are
>still interested then add my site first and let me know, I'll keep
>your link on my site.
>My site information:-
>TITLE:  Tour de France Blog 2006 - Cycling Jerseys
>URL:  http://yellow-jersey.net/
>DESCRIPTION:  Welcome to yellow-jersey.net, your online source to the 
>pro cycling world.
>It would be great if you linked back to my site.
>Yellow-jersey Team
>yellow-jersey at wonder-directory.com
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