[CAMWEST-discuss] Rearrangement of CAMWEST Web site

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Mon Jul 31 10:56:26 UTC 2006

Dear Folks,

As I mentioned below, I am changing the web site, trying to keep the
original colours and design as much as I can, but using CSS boxes
instead of mixing the content with tables and other styling.

This is after a discussion with Ian Macindoe, who suggested a change
to the navigation.  Please have a look at
http://camwest.nicku.org/projects/aust-fuel-prices2.shtml for some
idea of the menu arrangement that I am implementing, and let me know
what you think.

On 21/07/06 13:44 +1000, Nick Urbanik wrote:
>I am in the process of working out a way of making it easier to
>maintain the web site, and have ruthlessly stripped out all the markup
>from the content, and have tried to just leave the structure.  I have
>put all the styling into a new style sheet
>I am attempting to build some nice nested menus based on the tutorial
>at http://www.tanfa.co.uk/css/examples/menu/vs7.asp and
>http://www.seoconsultants.com/css/menus/vertical/ and complex
>workarounds for Internet Explorer 5.x
>I haven't got it working yet, and it looks like it will take me a few
>days before I have a deep enough understanding of CSS and IE's refusal
>to work with it to make the menus work.
>Then I will need to write a program to edit all the hundred or so web
>pages on the web site.  This will probably cause a lot of breakage, so
>I will set this up on a test site, to get your feedback from.
>Please look at the web pages above and let me know if you see any
>problems (I have tested it in Firefox on Linux, IE5, IE5.5 and IE6
>running in wine on Linux).  Also, any aesthetic feedback would be
>Please note that my aims for the design are:
>1. Cleanly separate the content from formatting so the web site is
>   much easier to maintain using simple tools, not requiring
>   proprietary tools such as Dreamweaver or (shudder) Frontpage;
>2. be able to work on all the major browsers later than Netscape
>   4.x and IE 4;
>3. be able to work with a variety of screen resolutions and so avoid
>   pixel widths for boxes of text, and still look okay at 1920x1440 as
>   well as at 800x600 (or even 640x480);
>4. Still be readable after radically resizing the fonts with browsers
>   that are capable of doing so (such as Firefox);
>5. Keep all constant parts in single files that are included into each
>   file, rather than repeating the same material hundreds of times.
>   This obviously makes it much more possible to manage the site;
>6. To keep all the original pages in the same place with the same URL
>   so that links from search engines and other sites do not die within
>   the constraints of the above.
>None of this is easy for me; it is a learning experience that I am
>tackling as my family and other commitments allow.
>Anyone who wants to help is most welcome!
Nick Urbanik   RHCE         http://nicku.org        nicku at nicku.org
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