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Am I right in thinking you have all received this directly from Jenni?
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The new Push On site continues to develop. Lots of thanks to all of you have provided feedback. It really helps to know what works and what doesn't and what sort of things can be done to improve things.

I'v added the day of the week to the publicly accessible calendar, and provided a printable page of rides over the 30 days.

I've also put up the regular rides (those of you who run these might like to check that the details are all present and correct -- you should be able to make any necessary modifications. If you've forgotten your password  or want to change your login details, let me know).

The important information for prospective riders now has to at least be passed through.

And I've started the BUGS news section. So far only the one story on the fromt page, but keep checking because the "magazine" side of the site will grow over the next few days. So get a wriggle on and send in a few more ride reports/news stories/thumbs up/down, with or without pictures.

Don't forget I still have to prepare an edition of Push On to print for September/October and the deadline is upon us. I will be trying very hard to convince BNSW to continue with BOTH formats.

Jenni Gormley
Editor, Push On 
ph 0404 065 376 fax 02 9524 1661
PO Box 254 Sutherland NSW 1499

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