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 Forwarding the material below from the Population Forum. It should be of interest to some.


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BP Shuts Biggest U.S. Oil Field
> http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20602099&sid=aKQ.5RL9cOvQ

via http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm

..."more evidence of "global warming" and this is not a trivial
problem for BP, which has a lot of its oil pipeline infrastructure
sitting on what used to be permafrost. 

It may have passed you by last week that there has been such crumbling
of the Alps mountain range that the Swiss are now doing permafrost
mapping to figure out where their next natural disaster in 'them thar
hills' will be.

This whole issue of oil supplies coming on line could be skewed by
global warming. Another example (besides the dangers posted to the
Alyeska line, is the planned Russian pipeline from Eastern Siberia to
the Pacific. Sure, it's only 125-miles, but it's in an area where
there's permafrost. Or, as we sadly point out, used to be permafrost.

Not that global warming will halt the Alaska pipe permanently (at
least yet) but permafrost melting will impact everything from oil, to
high altitude train operations in some of the mountains parts of

As geologist Brown told me, "There's not much that can be done now,
except ELP." "What's that?" I asked?

"Economize, localize, and produce." I had to agree - those are the
steps that make sense, but it runs counter to what you're blasted with
by television, 24-7..."

<from the same site>

"...Most people don't realize that world oil output this year (crude
plus condensates) is down 1% - and that's year to date. What's more,
Saudi Arabia crude plus condensate is down 7%." That's a very
sobering thought.

By Brown's figuring, Saudi Arabia's output is now doing the
predictable peak-then-decline that beset Texas after 1972. To take it
further, he sees "The Lower 48 peaked in 1970. I think that the world
peaked in 2005. Further, I think that the world is now where the
Lower 48 was at in 1971--the first year of the Lower 48 decline." If
you want to look up the historical data, you might want to do it after
eating, because the implications are staggering.

All of which likely explains why the BCRN group
(Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Neocons) is pushing a US resource grab in the
Middle East as hard as they can...

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