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Mon Aug 28 08:52:12 UTC 2006

    I have an idea for Seniors Week & have had a look at their funding guidelines. Individuals are unable to apply as I assume it would have something to do with insurance & public liability etc, so I was wondering what the feeling of CamWest members would be.
The idea I had was to have a one or two day workshop for seniors to introduce or reintroduce them to cycling. I would envisage the workshop covering topics such as selecting a bike, basic maintenance, what the different parts of the bike do ( I am not quite a senior but I grew up with single speed bikes & back pedal brakes), road rules, basic riding techniques, exercises etc,. I have a couple of mates who are Police Bicycle Instructors who have approval and accreditation to run this type of course as secondary employment & they are willing to provide their expertise for costs. I can probably do a bit better than that with them if I try. I am sure that one of the bike shops in the Parramatta area could be persuaded to assist with some basic maintenance.
What is the feeling of other members?
John Holstein
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