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Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Tue Aug 29 02:54:58 UTC 2006


I have just viewed Jerey Leggett's presentation to ASPO5 titled "Peak Oil, climate change and the arithmetic of carbon fuels".
He points out that the potential solutions to peak oil and global  warming are very much the same.
Do we want to add global warming to our website?
The maths shows that world is endowed with ELEVEN times the necessary carbon fuels needed to send global warming
into a runaway climtae change. Forget oil, if we burn the coal we are toast.
For those that are interested here's the link:
It seems that any electric future without oil also MUST be one of renewable electricity,
a coal fired future is not a good one.
A renewable electric future would require much more bicycling than one dominated by electric cars.
I feel an article coming on, but it will take a month at least to clarify ideas.
Any sugegstions?
Mark R

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